Brains 2012

December 23, 2012, Friday, 6:15pm

Jones runs to the door of the club screaming for help. He muscles his way inside and walks to the bar, asking to speak to the Manager. The bartender directs him in the way of the office and he proceeds to move to the door and knock.

Dixie and Josh notice that Jones enters the club and is agitated. This piques their curiosity and both move to a position where they may be able to overhear his conversation with the Manager.

Inside, Kaoru and the manager are discussing his payment. They hear the knock and Kaoru moves to the side, allowing the manager to answer the door. He opens the door and Jones unloads his story onto the manager. The manager nods and turns to Kaoru, pointing to a cabinet in the corner of the office, making it known that that was where his payment was and that he could take as much as he needed.

The manager and Jones head for the entrance of the club, Kaoru following not too far behind. Josh and Dixie casually follow them as well, both attempting to remain inconspicuous.

The bouncer, now inside the club, stops the manager and Jones in the doorway. He informs the manager that some seriously crazy shit is happening outside.

“You’ll call me crazy, but I swear I saw zombies out there.”

December 23, 2012, Friday, 6pm ish

Dixie and Josh are inside a club in Amsterdam. Jones, Kaelyn and Kaoru are outside, Jones on his computer, and Kaoru haunting, perhaps waiting on something. It’s lit outside in a dull neon glow. The hum of the neon can be heard in the air, along with the raucous conversation of the line outside the club. Blood Rave is playing inside the club, and can be heard faintly outside the club above the conversations.

The bar inside is a large half-oval, with a couple bartenders serving up drinks, twirling bottles and entertaining their patrons. Dixie and Josh are sitting somewhat across from each other, enjoying their drinks. A laser light show in combination with strobe lights sets the mood of the room, the only difference comes from the lamps of the bar. The DJ has a headset on, lighting his face indistinctly with a neon blue hue. A male bartender notices Dixie’s drink is a bit low, so he walks over and asks her if she wants a refill. She politely says no and walks to the dance floor, and starts shaking her sexy ass. The bartender returns to his business, and the second bartender, a female, lacks much to do and walks over to Josh and attempts to start up some idle chatter about the music. Josh awkwardly replies in a somewhat shy fashion and the tender takes the hint, moving away and talking to the other patrons.

Kaelyn finally makes his way into the club and sits down to order a Gin and Tonic.

Flash to the outside of the club:

The faint smell of weed is hanging in the air around the club. Kaoru’s eyes narrow, as he thinks he may hear screams in the distance, but isn’t sure. Kaoru hears scuttling in the alleyway behind him and thinks it might possibly be his assassination target, so he gets up and stealthily walks into the alleyway, pulling out his machetes. He notices a figure walking in the alleyway, slowly but surely making it’s way through. It walks underneath the pale light of one lonely lamp attached to the side of one of the buildings, and Kaoru notices it’s a male figure, looking very much like his target from behind, and closes in for the kill. In the true fashion of an assassin, he puts on a ploy of being drunk, trying to see if this person is, or at least knows, his target.

“Hey man, you know the owner of that place?” His speech is slurred to fit his act, and he raises a hand to point towards the club.

The figure in front of him stops in it’s place, then slowly turns around. As it does Kaoru notices it’s ear is completely missing, and the right side of it’s jaw is unhinged. Taken aback, Kaoru steps back and his grip on his now sheathed machetes tightens. The figure half lunges, half stumbles towards Kaoru and he deftly ducks to the ground, quickly sweeping it off it’s feet with a leg sweep. The figure hits the ground hard, it’s skull cracking. After a moment it brings it’s arms around and begins slowly crawling towards Kaoru. He deftly rolls the figure over and pins him to the ground with a foot, leaning in to get a better look. This is his target, though highly mangled. His nose had been pushed to one side from the fall, completely separated from his face and patches of his flesh are missing. It grabs his leg, and he quickly responds by slicing it’s hand off and stabbing it in the chest. Retracting his machete from the creature’s heart, he heads back to the club to collect his money.

Jones hears the faint moan from where the target was stopped and sees that the figure is injured. He yells for somebody to call 911 as he notices the figure has no hand, and its features are disfigured. One of the club patrons rushes over to help, as the figure grabs Jones’ leg with an abnormally strong grip. He kicks free of the figure’s hand and takes a step back.

Jones and the good Samaritan help the figure up. It’s head falls completely back, unnaturally so. They walk it back to the bench Jones was previously sitting on. The figure grabs the Samaritan and sinks his teeth into his shoulder. Several patrons see this happen and rush to come help. Simultaneously, heard from the end of the line is a bloodcurdling scream of terror, and the line breaks and rushes for the door, trying to get away from whatever is happening.


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