Brains 2012

December 23, 2012, Friday, 6:15pm

Jones runs to the door of the club screaming for help. He muscles his way inside and walks to the bar, asking to speak to the Manager. The bartender directs him in the way of the office and he proceeds to move to the door and knock.

Dixie and Josh notice that Jones enters the club and is agitated. This piques their curiosity and both move to a position where they may be able to overhear his conversation with the Manager.

Inside, Kaoru and the manager are discussing his payment. They hear the knock and Kaoru moves to the side, allowing the manager to answer the door. He opens the door and Jones unloads his story onto the manager. The manager nods and turns to Kaoru, pointing to a cabinet in the corner of the office, making it known that that was where his payment was and that he could take as much as he needed.

The manager and Jones head for the entrance of the club, Kaoru following not too far behind. Josh and Dixie casually follow them as well, both attempting to remain inconspicuous.

The bouncer, now inside the club, stops the manager and Jones in the doorway. He informs the manager that some seriously crazy shit is happening outside.

“You’ll call me crazy, but I swear I saw zombies out there.”



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