Cassandra Ardent


Name: Cassandra Ardent
Age: 19

Personality: She is aware of her good looks and that guys fawn over her, but she tries to ignore them and be professional. She takes her job very seriously and always tries to help others if she can.

EMS truck with medical equipment
personal side arm concealed weapons permit (Tarus compact 9mm) 2 clips
Lunch pale (sandwich, granola bar, water bottle)
EMS uniform

Primary Attributes:
Strength: 4+3 = 7
Dexterity: 3+8 = 11
Constitution: 5+5 = 10
Intelligence: 5+5 = 10
Willpower: 5+5+3 = 13
Perception: 4+4 = 8

Secondary Attributes:
Life Points: 170
Essence (Mana): 159
Endurance: 60
Speed: 58

First Aid 4
Medicine 3
Driving (truck) 2
Guns (pistol) 1 ( +1 to hit and crit rolls)

Attractiveness +1
Nerves of steel +3

Fear of rejection -1
Minority (Asian) -1


Cassandra was born the daughter of Chinese immigrants. She grew up with like a normal child, nothing to distinguish her one way or another with the rest of the world. She wanted to make a difference however. She was always helpful, kind, caring, and compassionate. She took medical classes in high school, and upon graduation, got a job learning to be an EMS as she went to college to be an LPN. It has been just over a year since then and she has already seen a lot and learned very much. Then the phenomenon happened…She has been working over time as society around her seems to crumble.

Cassandra Ardent

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