Dixie Normous

70's Roller Chick Impersonator


Age: 21

Confident, Charismatic, Humorous, Good outlook on life, Loyal friend, Honest

2 pink-handled pistols
1 pink scooter
1 bellbottom jeans
2 ankle gun holsters
1 hidden switchblade

Primary Attributes:
Strength: 4+7+0+0 = 12
Dexterity: 3+5+2+0 = 10
Constitution: 5+5+0+0 = 10
Intelligence: 5+5+0+0 = 10
Willpower: 5+1+0+0 = 6
Perception: 4+2+3+1 = 10

Secondary Attributes:
Life Points: 220
Essence (Mana): 158 + 25 = 183
Endurance: 56
Speed: 60

Skills: (Total Skill Points = 14)
Disguise 3 ( +2 to successful disguise rolls)
Craft (seamstress) 3
Guns (pistols) 3 ( +2 to chance to hit rolls when using pistols)
Notice 3
Streetwise 2

The Gift

Qualities: (Total Quality Points = 13)
Charisma 4 ( +2 to persuasive rolls)
Fast Reaction Time 2 ( +1 to dodge rolls)
Old Soul 2 ( +1 to Intelligence rolls)
Increased Essence 5
Hard to Kill 4
Nerves of Steel 3
Situational Awareness 2
Status 5
Good Luck 2

Drawbacks: (Total Drawback Points = 9)
Showoff 2
Physical Disability (crippled foot) 3 (-2 on dodge rolls)
Resources (hurting) 2
Secret 2
Paranoid 2
Emotional Problems (overcoming emotional problem) 2


She grew up knowing she was always different, and grew up as a boy. when she was 12, she told her mom and dad she wanted to dress as a girl. Her father could never agree with that. He kicked her out at 16. She moved to another city, and stayed at a boy’s home until 18. One night she was walking home from her waitress job in full drag. A couple of thugs pulled her into a dark alleyway, and started ripping her clothes off, when they realized what she was, they beat her within inches of her life, and permanently mangled her ankle, causing her to walk with a limp today… after that day, she vowed to never be vulnerable again, so she went and bought a couple of guns, and learned how to use them adeptly.

Up until the phenomenon, during the day she works as a waitress, and at night she works at a drags show, helping her friends with her creativity and wit. Her show contains of a 70’s theme. While having her big afro, long bell bottoms, tight skinned shirt, and accessories that a queen would die for. Underneath her bell bottoms she keeps her to pink pistols that she keeps for protection. She doesn’t speak to her parents anymore, her father disowned her for being the way she is. Constantly she tries to remind her father that she was born this way and that he should accept her the way she is. Her mother sends her money from time to time to show that she hasn’t completely given up on her and that she feels guilty for the way her husband is acting, also to help her out with her rent and whatnot. Dixie is comfortable in her skin although sometimes she wishes she could be normal just so she can have a normal relationship with a guy or gal. One day she would love to have a family and live as a equal with her peers.


Dixie Normous

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