Jones "DragnBlade" Mc'Murphy Mc'Muffin Mc'Lovin

The Ultimate Killing Machine and Tank :D


Age: 24

Personality: Generally a nice guy, Mad That he could not save his family in time, Ex Computer Techy for the government

1 Family Portrait
1 Dervish Cloak And Hood
1 Machete
1 Picket Fence Shield (+1 to block chance rolls)
1 Empty Bottle Of Rum(Why Is The Rum Always Gone?)
1 Custom Built Gaming/Semi-Supercomputer (Laptop)
1 Wallet
1 Laptop Briefcase
1 Collectible Two Handed Scythe

Primary Attributes:
Strength: 6+8 = 12
Dexterity: 4+3+1 = 8
Constitution: 5+6+0+3 = 14
Intelligence: 3+2+2 = 7
Willpower: 5+5-1 = 9
Perception: 4+6 = 10

Secondary Attributes:
Life Points: 268
Essence(Mana): 60
Endurance: 70
Speed: 64

Brawling 3 ( +2 to chance to hit rolls and damage rolls when unarmed)
Computers 2
Computer Hacking 2 ( +1 on rolls when hacking)
Computer Programming 2 ( +1 to chance of success rolls)
Craft: Woodworking 1
Electronics 2
Hand Weapon (Blade) 2 ( +2 to hit and crit rolls with Blades)

Hard To Kill 3
Resistance 3 ( +2 to Defending rolls)
Situational Awareness 2 ( +2 to Perception based rolls)

Attractiveness 1
Adversary 2 (-1 to select rolls against said party)
Addiction 1 Habitual drinking or smoking


Jones “DragnBlade” Mc’Murphy Mc’Muffin Mc’Lovin

The names Jones Mc’lovin, I was once a computer tech for the government able to hack almost any challenge i came across. I’m an avid gamer and love to collect game and medieval memorabilia,hence the scythe and armor you see me standing here in. When the phenomenon occured i lost my loving family, all i had left was my laptop, various armors, and weapons. Back in the day i served as a computer tech for the US government until my family and I decided to move to Europe. I then fell into some bad times only making money buy making hacks and hacking others with my knowledge of cracking and key-logging basic programs. I made enemies very quickly here in Europe when my name got out to this notorious gang they threatened my family and I of death unless i help them. I ended up helping them by “speedily” hacking their nearest arms dealership changing the addresses to their houses where they were stealing and selling illegal arms into the community. I reported this to the government as soon as i could fearless of what would happen to my family because i knew what i had to do. My family and I then prospered from then on, my 2 kids Jacob and Michelle started school the day before the dreadful event. I never got to say good bye to them nor my beloved wife Kim. When i was a Kid my grandfather taught me the basics to woodworking, like how to make wooden shields, swords, even arrowheads. Luckily he and my grandmother passed a long time ago so they would not have to witness the pain and suffering the world is going through these hard days and times. All i have left of my family is the one family photo taken 2 months prior the event i miss them so very much. The things that have happened in my life and now this i tell you its more then one person should ever have to take. Ive studied medieval sword and shield techniques making that one of my basic and strongest defenses if only these days weren’t so modern. So i think that pretty much covers everything id love to tell you more but i must move out hopefully i will find survivors or a safe haven.

Jones "DragnBlade" Mc'Murphy Mc'Muffin Mc'Lovin

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