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December 21, 2012. KBR9 Broadcasting Station 4am:

“If you are just tuning in, here is a recap on this night’s events. At 2:30am this morning, you were probably fast asleep. However, if you were awake, you would have seen fiery streaks across the sky. These fiery streaks were meteors. Calls are coming in from across the world as people are finding these meteors. There are reports of several deaths and injuries so far and that number continues to increase by the minute. Scientists tell us what we already know, that this is highly unusual. The world’s top scientists are hard at work as we speak, trying to determine the origin and composition of these strange rocks. Officials are telling us not to worry, as they are taking every precaution in bringing these rocks in for scientists to study.

Please stay tuned for more information and developments.

This is KBR9 Broadcasting’s Thomas Kaile."

[We will now return to your regularly scheduled programming.]

December 22, 2012. KBR9 Broadcasting Station 9am:

“This is KBR9 Broadcasting’s Thomas Kaile, bringing you the latest news on what we are calling ‘The Message from the Sky.’ Early this morning all of the meteors cracked open at exactly 2:30am. Scientists cannot explain this phenomenon, saying further that this is a completely unprecedented event. The world sits by in fear and anticipation, some afraid that these meteors are a sign of the end. Others think that this could be a sign of sentient life in the universe. I can only bring you the facts as they happen, folks. The world’s top scientists are working very hard to verify the makeup of these things, and as soon as they do, we will be here to let you know. In a few hours, my crew and I will be flying to Arizona, where they have taken many of these unidentified objects. We hope to get an interview with one of the scientists themselves, and will be broadcasting live to you tonight.

This is Thomas Kaile, signing off."

December 22, 2012. Marine Corp Air Station, Yuma, Arizona. 8pm:

“This is KBR9’s Thomas Kaile, and we are here with one of the scientists supervising the investigation. This is meteorite researcher David Jackson, and he has been kind enough to grace us with a few minutes of his valuable time. Mr Jackson, what have you discovered about the composition of these meteors?”

“Actually Thomas, these are meteorites, as they’ve already hit the earth and unfortunately, I can’t really say that we have discovered anything at all. The elements comprising them have never been seen before. Until this morning, we couldn’t even get inside them. The X-Ray machines were useless against the heavy metallic exteriors. When they opened, we found that they had a glowing substance inside. It’s evaporating quickly though, so we may not be able to study it thoroughly. It seems that contact with our environment has somehow caused the substance to disperse. It was originally a viscous liquid, but over the last several hours, it has been solidifying. We can only assume that it is losing some elements of its makeup, leaving the heavier material to solidify. Several researchers have fallen into a flu-like illness. I can’t go into how serious it is, but not to worry, as they have all been quarantined. Nothing related in any way to those meteorites can escape this facility, chemical… or otherwise.”

“I’m sorry, otherwise? What does that mean, if you don’t mind me-”

“This interview is over, Tom.”

Several armed men start moving from their place held by the door.

“Excuse me? We weren’t finished. David, can you tell me what you mean? David!”

2 minutes later:

“Sorry folks, looks like the government officials have had enough. This interview raises several more questions than it answers I’m afraid, but we will continue trying to…. Joey?.. Joey..? whats wrong?”

The camera falls to point toward the floor, as everything gets quiet.

“Joey? JOEY!”

There is a crash, and the camera tumbles, and lays finally to point toward joey, the camera man, passed out, with his eyes rolled back into his head.

December 22, 2012. Marine Corp Air Station, Yuma, Arizona. 11:46pm:

Into his personal video camera:
“Oh my god. Why is this happening? I’m so scared. For the person who finds this… run… just run. They are coming back. The dead are COMING BACK. I’ve been holed up in the van for a couple days now. I don’t know if these things can think, or hear, or what. They’re obviously corpses though, reanimated… or… something. I just hope they don’t find me before-” A thudding noise is heard in the background of the tape. “Oh… Oh god. It’s not just corpses. Some of them are… huge… mutated, or something. I can’t say much more. Just, anyone who finds this-” Now a splattering noise is heard hitting the van. It sounds similar to rain. Thomas becomes frantic and begins talking very quickly. “OH GOD! IT SAW ME. I don’t know how much time I have, but these things are swarming me now. The fat ones can apparently spit some sort of liquid that attracts the others.” Thuds sound off in the background. “They’re on me. I pray someone finds this and learns from it. Don’t let them take our world. Don’t let them-” The sound of tearing metal is heard, and delighted cries of a non dialect follow. Heavy breathing is heard from Thomas. “It’s over. I saw some of them jump. Save yourselves. Save our worl-” The camera clutters to the floor and Thomas’ screams are heard, along with more utterances of indiscriminate joy.

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