Alexei Stellani

Russian, Ex-Spetsnaz, Well Connected Soldier


Age: 27
Personality: Military, Loyal, Dedicated, Honorable, Up front/blunt, Vocal
Possessions: Military-Grade AK-108 Assault Rifle with sling
A Colt .45 8 round revolver in a belt holster
A Bowie Knife, concealed in his boot
A small pouch on his waist containing 3 mags (30 rds each) for the AK and 4 (12 rds each) for the Colt
A camo t-shirt and tactical vest with pockets to carry small things
Cargo Pants
Combat boots
Sunglasses in a vest pocket
Swiss Army Knife in a side pocket of his pants

Primary Attributes:
Strength: 4+5 = 9
Dexterity: 5+8 = 13
Constitution: 5+4 = 9
Intelligence: 3+2 = 5
Willpower: 4+4-2 = 6
Perception: 5+7 = 12

Secondary Attributes:
Life Points: 181
Essence (Mana): 46
Endurance: 48
Speed: 68

Guns (Assault Rifle) 2 ( +2 to hit and crit rolls)
Hand Weapon (Knife) 1 ( +1 to hit and crit rolls)
Notice 2 ( +2 to Perception based rolls)
Surveillance 2 ( +2 to Perception based rolls vs. Humans)
Stealth 2
Traps 1

Contacts 2
Acute Senses (Sight) ( +2 to sight based perception rolls)
Fast Reaction Time ( +2 to dodge rolls)
Situational Awareness ( +2 to Perception based rolls)

Recurring Nightmares
Honorable 2


Born in Zaraysk, Russia, Alexei was always an observant child. What other kids classified as magic, he could explain in detail. His sight is a tad sharper than the average person’s, which served him well growing up, especially when he joined the military. While there, he discovered that his sharp senses complemented a rifle and hand to hand combat equally well, far surpassing his bootcamp-mates. He was selected for the Spetsnaz at the age of 20, but dropped out four years later when, while on a mission, he was ordered to execute a group of civilians, including many women and children, so the “witnesses” couldn’t be interrogated. He eventually complied, but was never quite the same, worried that he missed someone or something, and that they’d swear revenge on him. He immediately quit the military after he returned home, and the nightmares of that fateful night began soon after. They have haunted him regularly ever since. When the phenomenon began, his ex-squad leader and childhood friend, Nikolai Smirnoff, was among the teams securing the meteors for transportation, and was one of the first to be transformed. Upon arriving at his friend’s house the night the meteors opened, Alexei was met by a zombified Nikolai, who immediately received three rounds to the skull from Alexei’s own sidearm. As he listened to reports from across the world, he realized that whatever it was, it needed to be stopped, and he began to view the phenomenon as a chance to make up for his horrible mistake in the military. It was then that he decided to put an end to the nightmares, once and for all, and atone for the sins of his past.

Alexei Stellani

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